Wash, Dry, and Fold

We take the laundry off your list. It sounds simple, but what does a commercial laundry service actually do? In short, Country Fresh will personally pick up all of your laundry, wash, dry, and fold it before returning it all on time.

If You’re Working, We’re Working!

When everyone else is closed, we are available to help a business in trouble. The Boston area can throw some pretty rough weather at small businesses. That doesn’t matter to us. We guarantee on time delivery and high quality service that easily fits into your schedule and daily practice. We will only stop sending deliveries if you’ve closed up – if you’re working, we’re working!

Pick-Up and Drop-Off

We have our own vehicles, and will schedule times to pick-up that work best for your schedule. We also provide bags and hampers, if needed, for your businesses to purchase, so that soiled linens or laundry can simply be tossed into a nearby bin. Some businesses (particularly medical facilities such as physical therapistsdoctors, and dentists) prefer to have a bin in each room, so they can do their jobs efficiently. We gather up all the materials, wherever you may find it convenient to have them. No matter the time, traffic, or weather, our vehicles will transport your materials safely and in an organized fashion to our facilities. When the driver arrives, materials will be exchanged quickly and efficiently in a way that reflects your business needs. For example,

Wash and Dry

We use professional-grade, high quality industrial laundering equipment. All of your laundry is processed separately from other clients to avoid co-mingling, while also ensuring the highest degree of sanitation. This also guarantees that none of your items will be lost. Some materials are washed differently, and we watch for materials that are worn or too stained to be properly cleaned.

Fold and Package

Everything comes back organized and ready-to use right away, with the towels, sheets and other materials packaged separately in plastic to protect from weather damages. Different businesses require different presentations of different materials, so we work with you to make sure you get exactly the materials you need in just the right way. This speeds up the restocking and use of linens and laundry so that you can focus on your patients, guests, or customers. A few examples:

  • doctor’s office might need smocks to be hung on a particular rack, with plastic wrapping.
  • A boutique spa might want towels to be tied in a particular way.
  • A salon or massage therapist might have closet shelves that are a particular size, and therefore want towels folded in a particular way, so that they fit best.

We’re a small, flexible business – whatever your business needs, we can find a way to make it happen.