Doctors’ and Dentists’ Uniforms, Smocks, and More

Doctors’ Linens

Doctors should not be focused on patients, not laundry!

Nobody wants a distracted doctor, and their highly-skilled staff should not have to waste valuable time with unskilled labor. Instead of spending money having your employees deal with healthcare laundry on the clock, Country Fresh can take care of it quickly, efficiently, and with expertise. Almost like magic, all of your laundry will disappear and return clean worry-free.

Flexibility for Many Practices

We serve General practitioners, Dentists, Orthodontists and work flexibly for each and every business situation. Every practice has slightly different concerns. For examples, some practices will require patient smocks or gowns, which we can deliver ready-to-wear on hangers. Others may require materials to be sent back in plastic having been properly sanitized for immediate use. Whatever your particular requirements, we can work with you to make it happen. That flexibility is one of the advantages of working with a small, local company.