Laundry Services for Physical Therapists

Efficiency, Laundry, and Your Practice

We specialize in small to medium sized businesses, so physical therapy offices are always a pleasure to work with. Physical therapists need to change the linens for each and every of their clients, and in most cases there are many different clients being seen at any one time. The result is a lot of dirty laundry, which can pile up very quickly. Without an efficient service to deal with it, skilled therapists find themselves moving dirty laundry from room to room to a central collection area. This takes away skilled employees’ time – especially when it’s time to get a giant bag of quarters from the bank and drag it all down to the laundromat.

With Country Fresh Laundry & Linens, the many work hours spent on moving laundry around is eliminated: simply throw all of your used towels and materials into a bag right there in the room. Then move on to the next patient, who will also appreciate your efficiency. We’ll make sure everything is cleaned and returned in a timely manner – guaranteed. Even if it’s snowing outside, if you’re open, we’re open.

Linen and Towel Organization

Not all materials have the same concerns. Different materials will be categorized together and returned as if they never left. Some materials may need to be shrink-wrapped in sterile materials, or perhaps you prefer to have your towels folded in a particular way to fit into that one closet in the hall. Because we’re a small business, you’ll get individualized services that meet your patients’ needs.