Laundry for Elder Care

Group Homes and Nursing Homes

In addition to businesses usually associated with laundry such as health and hospitality, Country Fresh also serves nursing homes and assisted living organizations. These facilities have very tough jobs, and their staff should be focused on the care of their beloved residents, not the logistic hassle of getting laundry in and out. Having the laundry taken care of removes a tough and sometimes messy part of the staff’s chores – something both staff and residents will be happy about!

Individual Care

As we get older, it gets harder to do some tasks that we once took for granted – for example, reach certain places in the home, trouble getting around, or lifting objects. Country Fresh offers individual services to beloved family members who may have trouble with doing their laundry, possibly for the long term, or simply until they’ve recovered from a medical procedure or illness. we can take care of all of your laundry needs, and can save the hassle and worry of visiting a laundromat.