Pick-Up and Delivery

Your Commercial Laundry & Linens,
When and Where You Want It

In addition to the cleaning itself, many headaches come from the logistics of transporting laundry and linens around Boston. Because we have our own clean, professional, specialized vehicles, it’s no problem for us to transport your sheets, uniforms, smocks, and so on all around the city. Not only do they stay clean on the trips back and forth, but they’re also neatly organized onto racks, into tied bundles, or in sterile plastic bags.

We work in a large service area, ranging from the Boston coastline all the way east to Highway 495, and roughly from Medford, Waltham, and West Concord south to Attleboro, Brockton, and Rockland. Of course, if your business is a little outside these areas, we surely can find a way to accommodate you.

Scheduling Flexibility

In addition to the area, we are also quite flexible about exactly when you can have your deliveries and pick-ups. Some businesses, such as spas and massage therapists, need some discretion to avoid disrupting a quiet environment, whereas others in medical practices prefer having their staff’s smocks ready to go for shift changes. Whatever your particular schedule, we can accommodate it.

Rain or Shine, Snow or Sleet, We Deliver Your Laundry!

We guarantee delivery, no matter the weather. We will make every effort to get your deliveries to you on time, even in the face of unruly Massachusetts weather. So long as your doors are open, we will be making deliveries, on time, on your schedule.

Invisible Delivery and Pick-Up

We make every effort to make our visits as invisible to your business as possible for both employees and employers. We carefully arrange our schedule to suit your business’ everyday workflow. We also think carefully about how best to physically arrange your laundry bins so that we are essentially invisible to both your clients and employees.

For example, we work with a hair salon that have a system of drawers that allow the stylist to put their used linens into drawers, and on the opposite side we take the linens without ever having to disturb the stylist or her customer. To the hair stylist, the linens just disappear.

Another example is a physical therapist’s office where we have a bag of towels in a closet with two doors. The physical therapist will put the used towels into the basket, and we will remove them from the other door. To the therapist, the linens just disappear.