Boutique Hotels and Hospitality Linens and Laundry

With small conference centers, boutique hotels and small bed-and-breakfast businesses, we offer a variety of laundry services involving washing, drying, and folding materials from towels, sheets, robes, pillowcases, and linens alike.

Volume Flexibility

Unlike many of our other clients (Doctors, Therapists, etc.), small hotels, conference centers, and B&B’s can have wild fluctuations in their laundry needs. For example, in January, with bad weather, airport closures, and the post-holiday lull, a business may need only 300 pounds of laundry done (of course, “only” 300 pounds is still more than most employees will want to do at a laundromat). Some months, a series of conferences, business groups, or just good weather will require 1,200 pounds of laundry.

There’s no need to buy a top-tier “service plan” to keep your business working when you don’t need it 10 months out of the year. Because we offer either a no-contract service or material rental plans (if you need it), it’s easy for Country Fresh and your budget to roll with your changing needs.

Types of Materials & Presentation

Of course, all those materials will need to be laundered differently, and returned in different ways. Fluffy robes are hung on a rack, bed linens neatly folded, towels bundled in a particular way: You have complete flexibility with us, because we tailor our services to every single individual business we serve. That’s the advantage of working with a small, local business.

We focus on traditional housekeeping and mid- to small-size conference centers. If you already outsource your laundry needs, give us a chance to beat a price, while delivering superior quality. Country Fresh will benefit your business greatly, and fresh laundry will always be available for every customer at your hotel. It’s just one less thing to worry about when you need to concentrate on your business!