Industries We Serve in the Boston Area

Country Fresh works with small to medium-sized businesses in the Metro West and Boston area. We’ll work with anyone who needs regular laundry services! Whether you’re a small elderly care facility or a medium-sized hotel/motel, we’ll make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the work we do for you.

Physical Therapists

Simply throw all of your used towels and materials into a bag, and be done with it! We make sure everything is cleaned and returned in a timely manner. Towels will be bagged by size and returned as if they never left. Laundry will never again be a problem, even during harsh weather.

Doctors and Dentists

Doctors should be focused on patients, not laundry! Nobody wants a distracted doctor, and their highly-skilled staff should not have to waste valuable time with unskilled labor. Instead of spending money having your employees deal with laundry on the clock, Country Fresh can take care of it quickly, efficiently, and with expertise. Almost like magic, all of your laundry will disappear and return clean worry-free.

Salons and Day Spas

Customers at a salon or a day spa expect a luxurious experience that leaves them feeling refreshed. Now imagine when they look up from the massage table to see an unidentifiable stain under their nose. Or perhaps a frayed and worn towel. Or a rip. It’s not hard to miss these kinds of things without an industry specialist like Country Fresh Laundry and Linens dealing with your commercial laundry. After all – you’ve got a business to run!

Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts,
and Hospitality

With small conference centersboutique hotels and small bed-and-breakfast businesses, we offer a variety of services involving washing, drying, and folding materials from towels, sheets, robes, pillowcases, and linens alike. We can keep your supply of fresh towels, sheets, pillowcases, table linens, and robes stocked and ready to go at all times.

Alternative Health Care

We work with various types of alternative health care such as acupuncturists and massage therapists to satisfy each unique business’s need. Face rest covers, sheets, towels, pillow cases, fleece pads, blankets – there are a wide variety of materials that need to be kept perfectly clean for both health and comfort reasons. 

Elder Care

We work with elder care providers, such as nursing homes and Mass Aging Services Access Points.  We offer linen and towel service as well as residents’ clothing and other personal items.