Wash, Dry, & Fold

We offer a variety of services to fit all of your specific needs. Country Fresh has experienced drivers that will be as invisible as possible when picking up your laundry. We’ll wash, dry, and fold it before returning it all on time. With professional, high quality laundering equipment, we can wash, dry, and fold, all of your materials as necessary. All of your laundry is processed separately from other clients to avoid co-mingling while also ensuring the highest degree of sanitation. This also guarantees that none of your items will be lost. Everything comes back organized and ready-to use right away, with the towels, sheets and other materials  packaged separately in plastic to protect from weather damages. We supply laundry bags with the service and also have hampers for purchase, if you need them. As a small operational company, we focus on quality and 100% customer satisfaction. Country Fresh presents all of your materials in a professional fashion to save you time.

Pick-Up & Delivery Options

You decide when you want the deliveries to happen, we are very flexible. Up to two pickups/deliveries per week are included at no extra charge, and we are happy to accommodate rushes, even without advance notice. Health-care providers tend to get extremely busy during snowstorms, for example, and the rushes can be very unpredictable. We can work with you to make sure that you can continue running your business smoothly and we will alter our schedule when you need us most.

During the delivery and pickup process, we will be as invisible as possible – in most cases, the laundry will almost magically be changed out. Our goal is to take the laundry off your list completely – it just happens.

Linen Rental

If you don’t want to buy your own linens, we can rent them out to you. From towels, sheets, pillowcases, robes, gowns, uniforms, or even specialty items for your business. If it can be washed, we can get it for you, and at wholesale prices. You also won’t have to worry about re-purchasing worn materials. We also have experience with longevity of materials and can help you make smart choices about the materials you need..

Floor Mats Branded with Your Logo

We can purchase floor mats for you, along with mats with logos that can be cleaned to fit your schedule. Customized mats can be washed once a week, and a replacement mat can be supplied while the other is being washed for efficiency purposes. These products minimize dirt from the outside world, prevent slips and falls, and improve the appearance of your entryways.