Linen and Laundry Rental

If you have a new business in health care, fitness, or hospitality, it can be a huge up-front cost to purchase all the gowns, linens, towels, and so on that your business needs. We can help defray those costs over the course of a year. We provide all the linens, and you work with us for a year to split up the cost. After that, we can work on a month-to-month basis if you’d like.

Your business gets the linens you need, clean and delivered on time throughout the year, and you don’t have to worry about a huge upfront cost. Additionally, we’ll keep an eye out for items that are worn out or stained, and replace them as necessary.

If you already own your own materials (smocks, towels, face rests, dishcloths, tablecloths, etc.), you can just use our no-contract services.

All you have to worry about is running your business.