Salons and Day Spa Linen Service

Perfect Cleanliness for Your Day Spa or Salon

Customers at a salon or a day spa expect a luxurious experience that leaves them feeling refreshed. Now imagine when they look up from the massage table to see an unidentifiable stain under their nose. Or perhaps a frayed and worn towel. Or a rip. It’s not hard to miss these kinds of things without an industry specialist like Country Fresh Laundry and Linens dealing with your commercial laundry. After all – you’ve got a business to run!

We’ll make sure it never happens: We check for worn or stained linens to make sure that every load of laundry for your business is clean and intact. You’ll receive it in bundles just as you like them – in sterile packaging, neatly bundled by ribbon, or any way you want them to show up. The unusable material simply gets taken out of your stock and recycled. You don’t even have to own the material – if you’d like to rent linens, towels, sheets, gowns, etc., we have a program to do just that.

Convenience and Cleanliness

Sheets from massage tables and towels will be washed promptly and will be put back on the shelf when and where you need them. With Country Fresh, you will never have to think about having fresh supplies. They will just be there – ready for use.

It’s not just convenient for your staff to have fresh linens on hand. It’s also cost-effective. Your staff have been trained to work hard to create a wonderful experience for every customer who walks in the door. They should put those skills toward your customers, rather than spending time on the clock moving laundry all over town, getting quarters from the bank, and spending a day watching dryers at the laundromat.

Discretion and Efficiency

Our delivery drivers are not only conscientious of your needs for timeliness and cleanliness, but also for discretion. We will work with you to find the ideal places and times to do deliveries, so you never have to worry about a client’s experience being disrupted by a delivery, either from the truck or in a room. Both your staff and your customers will always have clean materials and a good experience.

Regardless of which materials you need, we have a solution for you. Our staff will return the materials without disturbing the customers, on time. It’s like magic.