Take The Laundry Off Your List

On its face, it’s obvious what we do: Commercial laundry services for businesses in and around Boston who need clean sheets, patient gowns, face pads, towels, and so on. What’s less obvious is the effect this can have on a business’s efficiency, employee morale, and cost controls.


In a physical therapist’s practice, money is earned by bringing patients through their appointments. It creates several goals that can come into conflict with each other:

  • Make sure patients don’t feel like they’re just a number
  • Create a comfortable, clean environment for every visit
  • Bring people through efficiently to reduce wait times
  • Bring people through efficiently to increase revenue

Outsourcing your laundry services is a great way to meet all of these needs. Your staff won’t have to take time between appointments to deal with sheets, towels, et cetera, which shortens the preparation time between patients, customers, or guests.

Employee Responsibilities – and Happiness

In addition to happy customers, staff are usually quite relieved not to have to deal with the laundry. After all, many of them are quite skilled in physical therapy, or nurses, or even just in customer service – nobody wants to be the one to take all the gym towels to the laundromat with $100 in quarters, and spend all afternoon watching them spin. There are also some sanitary concerns on both sides of the laundry. Hospitality, elder care, and medical businesses alike have concerns over bodily fluids. Patients and guests expect and deserve those materials to be absolutely clean when they return. For clients who are renting materials, worn-out or unwashably-stained pieces can be discarded and replaced. It’s not only logistically easier to have us deal with laundry, but it takes the responsibility for cleanliness out of your staff’s hands, who have other work to do.

Logistics and Cost Controls

By entrusting Country Fresh with your commercial laundry, you just don’t have to worry about quite a few things:

  • Sanitization
  • If you are renting materials, we will replace worn or stained materials
  • Shuttling laundry all over Boston (in the snow, or traffic, or both)
  • Gathering dirty linens in the various rooms of the business
  • Getting money together for trips to the laundromat
  • Sudden or uneven monthly costs

If you have other concerns about cost, delivery, or logistics, please send us a message.