Gym, Yoga Studio, and Health Club Towels & Laundry

Fitness centers all around Boston rely on us to deal with their many, many towels – hand towels, body towels, towels for cleaning workout equipment, rags, and so on. By the time we get them, they’re going to be very dirty, but for your customer’s peace of mind as well as for health reasons, they need to be returned very clean.

Different Towels for Different Workouts:
Gyms, Yoga Studios, and More

We don’t just work with standard weights-and-mirrors gyms; we also work with yoga studios and specialized health clubs. Washable Yoga mats and soft towels are great for commuters and first-timers who don’t own or forgot their mats.

We Can Help

Gym and health clubs have most of the same concerns that our other clients do:

  • Can Country Fresh deal with fluctuations in demand for laundry? Certainly. Just like our hospitality clients, whether you are a no-contract client or taking advantage of our material rental plan, we’ll work with both planned and unplanned spikes in demand for gym towel laundry (or any other linens you may have).
  • Can CFL&L help the business by renting towels and other materials? We have two kinds of clients – no-contract month-to-month clients, and linen rentals. Rental clients sign a short one-year contact (compared to 2-3 for similar arrangements). After that, you can go to month-to-month. This service has the additional benefit of having us replace towels that have been worn out or permanently stained.
  • Will CFL&L deliver in our famously bad winter weather? If you manage to open your doors, we’ll deliver – we won’t stop your most dedicated customers from getting their daily workout, whether there’s rain, shine – or a nor’easter.
  • During delivery and pick-up, will the towels be moved quickly? Not just quickly, but discreetly – almost invisibly. We’ve occasionally had clients call wondering why we hadn’t been by, because they didn’t see the delivery happen – only to find that the linens had indeed been replaced.